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Consulting Questions for Dyjit Consulting!

Questions from you the client to us the company! Feel free to ask any more questions in the comments below!

  1. anonymous asks:

What makes your business different then everyone else?

We here a Dyjit Consulting pride ourselves in being unique! We use customer feedback in our design processes to make your website, logo, or brand steps higher then your field competitors. We also make sure all projects are completed on time with updates on their projects sent to our clients regularly!

2. Dustin asks

What experience do you guys have?

Dyjit Consulting is a relatively new business, however; all of our employees are well versed in their field of expertise, boasting a knowledgeable and helpful team to get projects done right, the first time.

3. Joseph asks

What's the turn around time for each project?

All projects are different, however; if you make an appointment for a free consultation we can answer that question personally with a detailed plan, along with our estimates for cost, and turn around time for a project!

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