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We are DYJIT Consulting. 

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, we provide local businesses with innovative ideas and strategies to build an online presence that will reach a new range of clientele. Already have an online marketing scheme? Great! We can help refine and enhance your approach with SEO development, conversion tracking, data analytics, and much more!

We are three young minority entrepreneurs who are driven, creative, and grew up with a deep interest in IT and economics. Raised in the city, we frequented numerous restaurants; hole-in-the-wall spots, mom-and-pop shops, you name it. Many of these places were heavenly, but some always seemed empty despite the delicious food. Deciding to investigate, we discovered the lack of marketing consulting services and marketing assistance in the area. Every last one of these establishments deserve so much more business than they are getting but they are impeded by inadequate advertising plans. No one knows they even exist!

Realizing that this likely does not stop at just restaurants but also a multitude of other local small businesses, we were spurred to found DYJIT Consulting, aspiring to give back to the communities that we grew up in. We hope to be just a small part of a larger effort that aims to revitalize the underprivileged districts and to better the future of our vibrant Charm City.

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